Saint Cecilia Medal
Saint Cecilia Medal

Saint Cecilia Medal

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Cecilia was a third century virgin martyr who was courted by a Roman official but refused to marry as she was consecrated as a bride of Christ. She was then tortured, imprisoned and finally struck on the neck with a sword. When the sword failed to complete the job, she suffered in prison for 3 days before she died. During that time, she heard heavenly voices singing to her; hence, she is the patroness of music and musicians.

Her body was interred in the catacombs and 1500 years later, it was rediscovered, completely in-corrupt! A sculptor carved a marble replica of her body and it is quite beautiful. I tried to capture what the sculptor did in her figure and gown. I have portrayed her as in prison, listening to the angels and playing the harp in accompaniment, symbolic of her heart strings.

This image was originally painted by Sue Kouma Johnson in acrylics on canvas.

Same image on both sides.

A print of this image is available elsewhere in the shop. 

All of our pendants and ornaments are made with lead free solder and glass. Great on a chain or bracelet. We offer a ball chain elsewhere in our shop. 

If you put the charm/medal on a key chain, it may get broken if not treated kindly. It is glass. If you want one for a key chain, we can custom make your medium charm/medal with a thicker glass for $2. Small charm/medals don't need thicker glass, but either way, they need to be on a chain before you add them to your key ring. 

Our jewelry orders are sent gift wrapped as shown, and we include a holy card of Sue's drawing of Pope Francis!